A New Look

grass lawn

BEFORE: green grass lawn that eventually became overtaken by weeds!

We returned from vacation to find our front lawn overwhelmed in weeds.  The following Saturday I went off on my bike to run a few errands.  When I returned home Peter was in the yard with a shovel and bucket.  What are you doing?? I asked?   What does it look like I’m doing?? I’m taking out the lawn!!  Considering we have done this in the past, I suggested he hold the thought but put down the shovel and go take a shower.  I had an idea and would be back A.S.A.P.

drive 1

My idea was to run up US 1 to see my friend, Braulio “Gomez” @ A&B Sunshine Garden Center.  Lucky for me when I arrived Gomez was in.  I explained my problem and he promised to come over at 4:30 pm that afternoon to give us an estimate for the project. Before departing for home I ordered up some lovely takeout tacos and burritos from the Taco Truck parked at the Garden Center.


Rock wall planter. I later filled it with Begonias!

Peter was thrilled to see that I arranged lunch, but even happier when I told him Gomez was coming to our rescue.  Within ten days we went from ugly weed infested lawn to fabulous retaining wall and pea gravel yard.  NO MORE WEEDS/NO MORE LAWNMOWER!


Wall before Palm Tree planter was added.

wall 2

Gomez has a strong, hard working man who came and removed the lawn.  Then Francisco arrived to build the wall. He methodically went to work with saw, level and stones.  Later that week the wall was done.  He even returned another day to add a planter around one of the front yard palms.  I found stepping-stones in our back yard and made a path to the East side of the house where we have a small vegetable garden.


Stepping Stone Path to East side of house.

path 2 Vege Gardenferns

If you need plants, mulch, rocks a wall or anything else for your garden I highly recommend Gomez (561-401-2310).  He provides quality materials and plants at a fair price.  Gomez and his team are second to none.  They were fun and easy to have working on the property.  Best of all they do not mess around but get the job done. We love our new front yard!  

My Oak Tree

My Live Oak Tree

Yellow bird Begonias


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