Base Camp

Purple Fog, Monday Night

We suggested to Brian to consider the cottage as base camp, in order to explore the Lighthouse Route at a leisurely pace. 

Sunday, after coffee and breakfast, two separate activities at our place, he took off to explore Lockport and the Lockport Loop. Monday it was Le Have, the Bakery, Le Have Craft Shop and Ferry to Lunenburg. He walked up and down most of historic Lunenburg before returning in time for dinner. He’s any easy guest and it’s fun to hear about his adventures. Tuesday, Brian is considering a visit to Liverpool. 

Seal in Jordan Bay

Meanwhile,  Peter and I have been enjoying working on the property. We can’t get enough of the  fresh air, and views from the deck. Yesterday and today, we spotted a seal in Jordan Bay. This afternoon, the Doe and her fawn returned to the newly cleared meadow. They seem to really enjoy it down there as they nibbled grasses and leaves for at least 30 minutes before slipping back into the woods.

Fog Rolling In Monday Evening

Sunday, at Sobey’s, I found Peter admiring a bag of Canadian apples. I asked if he would like another pie and he plucked that bag off the shelf and into the cart. This afternoon I made him a pie and also jam from a big bag of wild blueberries that Rudy brought us.  I will tell you more about the pie in another post. For now, here are some photos from today:

Sitting at Our Point of View Deck

Chew & Coop under the chair, together, as usual . . . 

Ready for Anything!

Moon Rise, Monday Night


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