Acadian Adventure


White House 1

My brother-in-law, Brian arrived Tuesday.  Yesterday we decided to drive about one hour south to visit Le Village Historique Acadien, in Pubnico.  Jordan Bay was foggy when we departed, but Pubnico was bright and sunny when we arrived.  The early 1900’s Acadian village is situated on a beautiful 17 acre site overlooking Pubnico Harbour.  


We arrived about 1 pm in time for lunch in the Museum cafe.  The special was “Fricot”, a hearty chicken stew with vegetables and dumplings.  Delicious! After lunch we headed through the glass doors to explore the village.

Harbor (2)

We first met the cows in their pasture overlooking the harbor.  Then we visited homes and shops and met the people who lived and worked in the village.  They told us the story of life here from as early as 1832 to the mid – 1900’s.  

Red Wagon White Door


Bless our Family

After visiting the two houses we peeked into the Shoemaker Shop that later became the Post Office.


We probably had the most fun visiting the Blacksmith. He demonstrated how to make nails.

Blacksmith Blacksmith 2

Then we strolled down toward the waterfront and learned about boat building, salting fish and making lobster pots.


Boat Barn Marsh

The walking trail around the village led us through a small wood and up a hill to the Lighthouse. 


White House 2

Our last stop was the Acadian Cemetery . . . 

Iron Cross Memory 2 Memory 1 Memory 3


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