Gas Station Garden en route to Queensbury

After a good nights sleep in White River Junction, we took off for Queensbury, NY to visit Peter’s family.   Three hours later we arrived, parked the car and walked up to the back yard. 

Backyard view

Mom and Dad were home with Nellie their beautiful black Lab.  Peter’s brother, Brian was at work.  His sister and brother in law, Karen and Andy were driving in from Buffalo that evening for dinner.  So we had lunch and caught up with Mom and Dad.  Then Mom and I went and looked at her quilts.  She is a very talented quilt maker and her collection of quilts is extensive.  I enjoyed seeing all of them, but my favorites are the 1930’s style quilts.  

1930’s Fabric Style Quilt!

After looking at the quilts, we decided to take the dogs for a short walk around the neighborhood.


We found the brook, and saw all the beautiful gardens.  The dogs loved exploring the neighborhood. Shortly after our walk, Bri arrived home early from work. 

Kar and Andy arrived in time for dinner and a nice visit.  After dinner, they took off to visit Andy’s daughter and son in-law, before returning the next morning with their adorable, grandson, Lucus.

Lucus, Andy, and Karen

After a big, delicious breakfast of homemade blueberry pancakes, made by Peter’s dad, we were back on the road headed to Florida.  Although short, it had been a lovely visit.  We were happy that we were able to stop and see everyone and we are already planning our return, next summer!  

Oh, and of course, I almost forgot to mention it was a perfect visit, except that Nutty Bee turned into Mr. Bossy Pants with Nellie.  We all know Labrador Retrievers, are kind hearted dogs.  Nellie, however, is extremely kind, plus she is sweet and very gentle, too!   Bossy Pants, Nutty took advantage of Nellie and screeched and barked at her on every encounter.  I so wished she would bark or smack him  like Cooper does to Nutty,  from time to time.  Other than Bad Dog Nutty Bee, both Chewie and Cooper were very good and I think they are welcome to return, next summer.  Nutty remains a question mark, as he is currently on the Very Bad Dog List!

Mr. Bossy Pants with Sweet Nellie!


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